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Beyond The Books

St. Aerjay Public School offers a rigorous academic program designed to maximize the academic instructional level, interests, and motivation of academically gifted students who may be beyond a typical age-defined curriculum. We seek to create a stimulating learning experience for our students that balances chronological, developmental ,and social/emotional growth with development of the intellect to successfully educate the whole child.

We also recognize that diversity exists within our population, as demonstrated through the range in strengths and weaknesses, interest levels, work output, and personality types of our students. Faculty members are committed to using a variety of teaching styles in order to encourage each student to reach his or he potential. Ability grouping, flexible pacing of instruction, and enrichment clusters are some of the specific techniques employed by our faculty to reach this goal.

Our curriculum is classical in nature, including instruction in world languages and the arts to complement other traditional subjects. In keeping with the needs of the child, we combine this classical curriculum with a progressive approach to instruction by balancing depth of content with acceleration, using primary source documents, creating hands-on/experiential learning opportunities, and condensing curriculum when necessary.